Acoustic Bass 80/20 BRONZE

The Acoustic Bass Guitar String is a bass instrument string for the hollow wooden body similar to, It typically has four strings, but five, six, and eight string guitars also exist. Olympia Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings have four strings, made out of 80/20 bronze steel wire wrapped around the hexagonal core wire.

Acoustic Bass HQ 80/20 BRONZE

The HQ Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings have four strings,

made out of 80/20 Bronze wrapped around the hexagonal core wire.

Electric Bass Standard NICKEL WOUND


Longer Lasting high performance Olympia HQ Electric Bass guitar strings, are manufactures from the finest Nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around platinum hexagon steel core wire, producing a higher magnetic response and provide brilliance, volume sustain and strength.

Electric Bass HQ ROUND CORE

Olympia HQ Round Core Guitar Strings have significantly longer sustain than hex-core as windings vibrate evenly across the entire  surface of the strings

This allows the tension of the windings to be distributed all the way around the strings and produce a warm tone without as much as edge as hex-cord strigns



Olympia HQ Stainless Steel Electric Bass Strings are manufactured in a highiy magnetic alloy
which ensure the best pickup anplification. Being brighter stainless steel strings are recommnded for modern
rock and metal and slap on the bass which nickel wound strings are recommended for those who are looking
for a more vintage “hot” tone



Electric Bass HQ FLATWOUND

Olympia Flatwound strings, feel smooth and silky.
The smooth surface of a flat wound string is further enhanced by light abrasive polishing.
Also, they have a very little finger noise and a long playing life. It gives the string a balanced feeling and a much mellow tone.